Power of the Individual

One of the things that I think about sometimes when considering how we can shape the world we want to live in is the power that we have in this systems we inhabit. As voters we have a clear power to vote and shape the future of our elections. Similarly as consumers we have power by what we buy and do not by to shape what is made and sold. In the end the consumers and voters are the most powerful and important piece, the thing everything else works for, in a capitalist and democratic system. However, despite this power, as individuals we are a miniscule piece of a much much larger puzzle. I unequivocally believe that we have a responsibility to be active and aware parts of the systems we inhabit and citizens of the world. What and who do we have the responsibility to be aware of? How do we, as aware individuals, best use our power within that system? How do we use the systems that we are a part of to shape the world?


7 thoughts on “Power of the Individual

  1. I think in the system we should be able to vote on all bills and conflicts that arise in the Senate, if you really think about how it is now we choose 1 person every 4 years who best represents ours views unless we truly open the voting system to the public for all issues the complete nation will never be totally represented.

    • Would the system be functional or efficient enough to deal with our rapidly changing world if everyone was given a direct voice?

      • If we opened voting places say once a month so people who cared about our country’s issues could have a say in the bills and such, I believe this could work quite well.

        • Don’t we have a say through a representative democracy and the right to petition? I think that people who truly wish to be politically active have just as much ability to be active by calling or petitioning their representatives and by working to change who gets elected as they would if they could vote directly. The other part of this question is responsibilities. Do you believe we have any responsibilities within the systems we inhabit?

            • But we live in a system where we elect representatives so by creating a large enough voice for an issue and bringing it to the public consciousness we make it an issue for politicians and create political change. The other question I would have about direct voting is about how it addresses the issues that exist within our system. If voters aren’t politically educated or informed about the issues of our time does the system work any better if it is direct as opposed to representative? I would argue that it would work worse. To be perfectly honest I believe that each individual should have a voice but I would rather let those who are educated in social, economic, and environmental issues deal with those issues than the general public. I don’t think that all our representatives are brilliant but I do think they’re better educated and informed than the general public. Thus I would disagree, for that reason and for others, that the main issue in our system that we cannot directly vote.

  2. We should all be aware of how the system will effect us and how it will effect others. It helps us make choices and use the system.

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