A hopefully thought provoking question.

What changes can currently be made to our but also other political systems that would help to create a more equal world?


4 thoughts on “A hopefully thought provoking question.

  1. I do think one way to begin is to set up a more progressive tax system (tax the wealthy more). We had a start on this, but we are far from where I think we should be. I think we also need to understand that one of the main jobs for government is to create positive possibilities for the poor.

  2. The problems with the political systems nowadays is that they are focused around making their own country a bigger and stronger powerhouse. This leads to more powerful governments being able to push smaller ones around more, leading to the inequality we see today. How this problem might be solved, however, can be linked to mutual gain between countries. If this kind of mutual gain can be obtained, then their can be a smaller amount of conflicts between them.

  3. I believe that at the root of the class and income disparity in our country, is an individualistic and wealth driven mindset. Our capitalistic systems of business make for a definite “birth-right” advantage, in which the wealthy portion of our population have the capital to invest and grow their assets, whereas poorer individuals are caught in a self-reinforcing cycle of barely being able to keep up with annual expenses. To change this would take a significant alteration in cultural mindset, with more emphasis on a commons, and work to be done for community-wide benefit.

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