“Everybody thin…

“Everybody thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing themselves.”
― Leo Tolstoy

Is it possible to create large scale change in the world?  If so how would you personally go about doing this?


22 thoughts on ““Everybody thin…

  1. It is possible to to create “large scale change” in the world. However I do not believe that just one person can do that. People say “change your mind, change your life” and I think that is what people have to do to change the world. It requires many people going in with a mindset that can persuade others to change and to want that change. With the amount of people in the world things take a while to catch on, and there has to be an event that wakes people up, making them realize they need to change something for their own good. Another things is that even a fast change is extremely slow. It is something the majority of the people are scared of and unless they see something that needs to be fixed and REALLY SEE it and how it has to to with them, they won’t do anything.
    People could say Martin Luther King changed the country, but breaking it down, he only really brought attention to something that others could get on board with. I do not know how I personally could change the world, or if that is even possible for one person because looking back through history I do not know of one person who planed on changing the world and completely or even half way succeeded in the way they intended. Change requires a want to change and that is a group effort.

    • This is great. How can we move from the individual to the group? It is interesting how someone like King made opportunities that others could be involved.

  2. “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. … We need not wait to see what others do.”- Ghandi. This is the closest verifiable quote from Ghandi to what is often paraphrased as “be the change you wish to see in the world.” That idea, I believe, has merit. It is not a solution for the world and the world certainly needs catalysts for change, people who can, much like Ghandi, create movement around themselves and accomplish great things, but it is a piece. If we all live our lives in a way that promotes the changes we wish to see then we will begin to see real change. Change cannot be something that is condensed into events, movements, uprisings. Change must be constant. It must be both global and individual. If we each, every day, live our lives conscious of global problems and of our impact and using that impact to create or support some small change we create great change. So I suppose what I am saying is that changing ourselves is changing the world, in some small way, and that those small impacts add up to truly change the world.

  3. I believe that change of any scale starts at a personal level, after which, if it is to grow, it must expand to an interpersonal level. The method by which it grows is the crucial step – it is the difference between a successful movement or rebellion, and a few inspired individuals that mean well but accomplish little. Every movement needs a catalyst, some initiator or inspiration, but after that, the most crucial and determining factor of success is communication. This was apparent in the use of technology and social networking as an effective method for organization and support during the Arab Spring.

  4. It is definatly possible is you are able to leave a very large scale lasting movement useing an sources of media you can to get it out. it could very well happen.

      • The problem is that whenever you talk to someone about this kind of thing in our society they seem to say “Oh I’m only one person i cant make a difference.” and i think that is how most Americans support their laziness and avoid even trying to make a difference. if we are ever to achieve large scale change all people of all cultures and societies need to come together and make an effort to create change worldwide.

    • Beyond just getting the word out, how do you think change can actually be enacted? Movements take organization and coordination, but they also take real, tangible action if progress is to be made. Do you think this can be accomplished by one individual with a computer and a phone? This is something I’ve been asking myself a lot recently. I believe that in order for moderate to large scale changes to be made, there has to be a significant base of people who care about the issues in question – thus in order to make an impact, an individual must first spread not only awareness but interest in and empathy for their cause. Perhaps this is where technology comes in? I would love to hear your thoughts.

      • Is it important that someone can identify a cause that is timely or relevant? Does someone need to learn basic administrative and organizing skills? It seems that there are certain causes that are particularly important at a particular moment in time.

        • I believe that change can only be enacted by a motivated AND organized base of individuals. In order for a movement to spread and be successful, and for other people to be motivated, it must be either relevant to daily life, or have with immediate and obvious consequences.

  5. People like to think of following the quote “Be the change you want to see in the world.” To follow this they recycle, and compost instead of throwing everything into the trash. But mostly don’t see a way to create a better equality in the world. It’s a big fact to grasp, let alone taking the steps to creating it. While one person can help start moving away from the inequality that we live in. One person alone can not change the way that everyone views the world. One person could be reaching for change while another is content with the way things are now.

    • If an individual is motivated, and they want to make a difference, how can they inspire others? I agree with you that one person alone cannot be there own movement, at least not successfully – they have the single impact of one in 7 billion. Because of this, we as a part of the global human community are entirely dependent on each other to make a tangible difference. Do you think it is worth it to try to motivate others?

      • I think there is no doubt that it’s worth attempting to motivate others to move towards a greater equality. To answer your first question, “If an individual is motivated, and they want to make a difference, how can they inspire others?” thats the hardest part. For starters, I think this blog is a good way to bring peoples attention to problems, but motivating people to take action is a hard thing to do. We are a “human community are entirely dependent on each other” and hopefully if 1000 people were to start reaching for change, then others would follow them. Going along with being codependent on the people who live along side us.

        • I agree with you that it takes a lot of support to create lasting change, and to some extent, we really just have to trust in each other. However, I believe that if you are going to have a significant impact on people, and be successful in gaining that necessary support, you have to go beyond just bringing issues to others’ attention – you have to have compelling reasons, and be willing to advocate strongly for your cause.

  6. I think it is possible to make change, but not in this day of age. It easy for people to say they will do something about changing the way we live but it is very difficult for them to put those words into actions. Right now I think that our world is still trying to figure out how to survive and with obstacles we face everyday such as population and hunger I think it will take time for things to clam down and change.

  7. In the world there are many ads that help change the world.The world does not change because of one person. It changes because people who have the same cause and vision of what is possible get together and figure out a way to change the problem. It does not always change because of networks; it changes because of the relationship the common interest between the people creating the network. Evolving into intentional relationships allows new knowledge for development and allows more change all over the world. There for I do not believe one person can change the world; however, I believe that one person can start to change the world.

    • This is a really interesting idea, Anya. Can you go into more depth about how networks and relationships are different in terms of their ability to create long term change? I also found what you said about intentional relationships interesting. Is intention relevant to creating long term impact?

  8. Unless we are all able to have the same idea of change I don’t think it would be very possible to create large scale change in the world. If we put all our money into one specific thing then yes that might be possible, but it would be very difficult. Everyone would need the same opinion and put in enough effort to be able to end up with large scale change. So yes, I do think it is possible but very difficult.

  9. i think that it is possible to create a large scale change in the world. i don’t think that it is something that can be accomplished individually but as a group its something that can be done. some people create groups via the web opposed to others who create groups of individuals in person. the one thing that most groups like this lack, even though there are lots of them, is motivation. there are plenty of people out there trying to do good things but they wont go anywhere unless they have a solid group of people just es excited as they are to make a change.

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