Sources of Inequality

The sources of inequality can come from many different origins.  The main source that comes to mind is human natures need to have a leader.  In order to be civilized we need someone to organize human behavior, that requires someone to “rule” or preside over the people.  The people who lead traditionally require (deserve) more wealth.  Inequality stems from the thought that the harder you work the more money you make, which is not true in this world. Things become unequal when people get more, because of what you are born into. We are not all born on to an even playing field, in terms of where we come from, or even our physical and mental capacity to work, learn, and thrive in all areas of this world.  People naturally want leaders, but they also are naturally selfish because of a instinct to survive.  People want all they can get in terms of riches and so they have to find some way of distributing wealth.  Inequality is not avoidable. It is a constant thing that will always be relevant because inequality is a matter of opinion and nobodys opinion will ever be completely united.       


4 thoughts on “Sources of Inequality

  1. This is really thoughtful. I still struggle with this notion of human nature as a cop out that keeps us from being to change the world. It seems easy to say that people can’t change because of human nature. Still, even if a certain level of inequality is inevitable, can’t we create a society that limits the degree of inequality?

    • Yes you can limit it. by promoting different ways to get to whatever goal you are trying to reach. You can spread word in many ways, but this takes time. It would take years and probably decades because it would be changing people’s way of thinking and that is really hard to do. People are entitled to their opinions and they are entitled with their opinions because in general people believe that they are right. It takes time to change one person, so changing a country or world is an incredible amount of work.

  2. I partially agree with this. People will naturally seek out leaders. However, people can override their greedy natures if they try. Also, it’s not impossible for everyone to agree, it’s just highly improbable.

  3. The thing about this statement is that while yes, people do naturally want leaders to guide them throughout the parts of life, although many people also want to be in that position themselves. The part about the greedy nature in people is true, unfortunately, but an interesting side effect of a community with a leader at the head is that people will not be greedy towards themselves as often, and will instead be greedy towards their community. this kind of action can be seen throughout history, and even in early stone age eras people would band together and work together for the good of their own personal community. the fact that many people might be greedy for their own personal gain is true, yes, but many people can be greedy for other reasons.

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