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    • This graph makes the world seem insanely unfair which it is besides taxing the heck out of the richest i don’t know if there is a fix to this problem, heavily taxing the rich and putting the funds into the lowest percent of the population would be the best idea i have in mind.

      • It’s a good plan if it could be enacted, but the main problem with that is that many of the richest members of society also have large political sway, so those kinds of people would attempt, and probably succeed, to prevent such a thing from happening.

        • The point you make is very valid on the grounds that the political system we have is controlled by the richer members of society, which is sadly true but it is meant to be a democracy in which the people should decide as one entity.

          • That is where the problem lies, in my opinion. If we were to have a system completely controlled by the elites of society, nothing would get done. If we had a system where it was completely controlled by the civilian populous, nothing would get done. so we are unfortunately at an impasse when it comes to a easy solution in this. But if everything in life was easy to obtain, where would the fun be?

            • I do not think that it needs to be easily obtained we just need to change the political system so that it accommodates everyone’s views, so we can come to a good long term agreement to solve our problems.

  1. This graph in my opinion really drives home the point of “The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer.” It’s somewhat sobering and slightly depressing at the same time. But the fact that the people with money have access to more things in life is something that people need to keep in mind, while a lower class worker might not.

  2. Is this PPP GDP (Purchasing Power Parity GDP)? If not we should consider that it isn’t skewed for the purchasing power of the money within each country. This of course doesn’t eliminate the inequality or make it acceptable or tenable but it would change the graph some.

    • That is a great question. I think that it is also important to ask how much gets created and disseminated in the “unofficial” or self sufficient economies of a country. I don’t image for example that these statistics consider self-sufficient farming.

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