Can we distribute goods and services in a way that assures everybody a stable, positive life?  Is the current system sustainable?


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  1. I think we can distribute goods and services to places with inequality but some people do not take the goods or services, they would want to survive on their own and not take the help. In some places the current system is sustainable but in other countries it is suffering.

    • Do you think it is sustainable in the United States? I wonder how long individuals in our society can live this way without some radical change. A radical change, however, may not mean our lifestyle has to change. Does it?

  2. No. It’s impossible to make sure that everyone has a stable positive life. Accidents will happen and people will make mistakes. The current system could be improved.

  3. The current system is completely unsustainable. We cannot continue to have the kind of incredibly skewed resource use that we do and there are absolutely ways to level out goods use. If those of us in the richest 20% cut back on resource use and work to make resources available to those in the rest of the world and in different situations and the same thing happens in each country we begin to change the system. However, no matter how much we change the system at some point, and maybe that point has already been reached, it will require more resources than we have and no matter how equal will be unsustainable.

  4. In my opinion, the system we currently live in is completely and totally unstable. The fact that there is little to no equality when it comes to wealth distribution in all sorts on continents makes its seem absurd that it was ever any different. The main issue with this whole matter is that while people may attempt to do all they can to attain equality, to do so would go against a large part of human nature; The reluctance to change. With that large deterrence combined with the reluctance of some, mainly more high end citizens, makes it nigh impossible to allow such a change to happen. It is possible, but it would require all kinds of resources and power to enact such a thing.

  5. I believe that a system that distributes global resources with enough equality to establish balanced opportunities regardless of background, is possible, if not a current reality. The present-day systems of distribution are not sustainable or effective enough to maintain equality of lifestyle. This is especially apparent in the slums and squatter settlements that are widespread in India, Sub-Saharan Africa and a number of other developing countries. Reaching this goal of balanced opportunity, will require an effort towards conservation and down-sizing, initiated by the wealthier and more privileged economic class – they (we) alone have the resources and social power to change these global systems of distribution.

  6. I think that right now our current system is not sustainable, and with our growing population it makest things even more difficult to make a sustainable system. Distributing goods and services has always been a problem, getting enough to be able to live a good life is always a problem. Now with more people and limited resources it is becoming fairly impossible.

  7. In the Unites States, goods and resources are distributed in such a way that favors certain people, be it through influence, political and social power, or an inherently higher socioeconomic status. It is difficult to find a balance between valuing hard work and rewarding people for their contributions to the economy and leveling out the distribution of goods and services by ensuring that neither extreme (wealth, poverty) is created/maintained. I believe that a key to this is a strong government presence, and by strong I do not mean a militant force that imposes propaganda and infringes on the democratic rights that we as a country have defined as fundamental and undeniable in our constitution. By strong government presence I mean a government that demonstrates the democracy on which the country is based and is free of corruption and exploitation.

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