Water is a tangible representation of quality of life, and is something that is important to think about in relation to access to fundamental resources. Water is something that humans are entirely dependent on and something that is integral to our survival, yet one sixth of the worlds population lives without consistent access to improved water sources. Instead of being treated as a necessity in its distribution and access, water has instead become a political issue and clean water a luxury.

In the comments section, please discuss water and its role in global inequality.


3 thoughts on “Water

  1. I always find it challenging to think about water issues from a unaffected point of view. It is so easy for me to take a 20 minute shower, leave the water running while washing dishes or drink tap water without thinking twice about it. In understanding inequality, it would be helpful to explore the historical and social events that led to water, a key natural element, to become a rarity and a privledge. A lack of clean water can further already existing situations of inequality…

  2. Water is widely predicted to become a great source of conflict (even more than it already is) in the coming years. Conflict between China and India over water and the damming of rivers is brewing as well as conflict between Israel and Palestine and in the rest of the Middle East and world. As we move into a future where there will not be enough water to satisfy everyones demands (again, even more so than now) how do we prioritize? When there is a deficit of a resource that is a necesity of life, not just water but any resource, how do we as a global society figure out who gets it? Is it right for more powerful countries to have more water or resources by the virture of their power? Is there any fair unbiased way to distribute resources?

  3. Water is a hard topic to discuss. It’s crazy to me that people in other countries don’t have access to clean water and are suffering everyday. They are fighting to survive just trying to find one small amount of water and here in the U.S we are able to have all the clean water we what by taking showers, water fountains, sinks and etc. It hurts me that families are living in those conditions and this issue is one of the main issue of inequality that needs to be fixed.

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