Inequality in Politics

Even within the democratic election system in the United States there is clear inequality in our internal politics. Those with more money have more ability to influence elections, particularly now that Citizens United has taken effect and millions and millions of dollars are being poured into the major elections. Inequality in politics takes many forms across the world. In uprisings across the Middle East new governments are not always being formed in a way that is representative of all of the people. In many countries in Africa that are split between tribal groups and yet are democracies, there is conflict over elections and it could be argued that no leader elected represents all the people. As the world changes, old governments and dictatorships fall and new governments take their place, how can the inequalities of politics be addressed? Is there a political system that is not biased towards the wealthy? Can we avoid countries being dominated by a majority without representation for minorities?


4 thoughts on “Inequality in Politics

  1. This is an interesting question about the relationship between inequality and representation. Can a system be design where all are equally represented? Is it the propose of democracy? Is representation always unequal?

  2. Countries can very quite a bit with their political systems. Any political system could have the potential risk to be biased to the wealthy or one group.

      • I think that as an overall system our political system or the general democratic political system is a good base, but obviously is flawed and gives more power to some groups. We can change our system in small ways to attempt to level access and power in the system. Currently this could mean reversing Citizens United and ensuring that groups aren’t discriminated against in terms of access to polling places. These to me a clear steps, but there are also grey areas. For example, I think that education is an interesting question to ask. There are certainly inequalities within education about politics, voting, and the political system. Do citizens have a right to be educated? A responsibility? Is some level of political education accessible? Should that education be unbiased? Is that possible? If so, how?

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