Solution Questions

Are there any large or small-scale solutions to inequality that seem particularly viable or interesting to you? What and why?


6 thoughts on “Solution Questions

  1. Raising money to build schools in places that don’t have them. Education can sometimes be the difference between getting a job and being on the streets. People are also more likely to contribute to their country or the world by being educated. Also, I don’t think people want to be left in the dark about basic things.

    • I wonder where do you think we should put our energies when it comes to helping to create information systems for the rest of the world. Where would our money do the most good.\?

    • I agree that raising money for education would be a great first step. If we are all given an education we are also given similar opportunities depending on our environment.


  2. i think that raising money to build schools is an excellent way to help solve world problems but as well as building schools we need to create an environment that’s safe for kids to learn, providing food, water, shelter, and clothing.


  3. Does education come before the basic necessities of life? What kind of education would be the most helpful? Who would teach?

  4. What Lily and Allena said education is an excellent way to solve problems. Building environments for children to learn is a great way to change the way people live in other countries and can change their lives. By being educated they can get jobs and support themselves in the future without any problem.

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