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Tell us a bit about you…

As we begin to get to know each other through discussions of global inequality, we feel that it is important to acquaint ourselves more personally. Hopefully it will allow us to consider our shared thoughts in context, and lead us to understand these issues on a more profound level. Please answer any of these questions that are relevant or important to you. Thanks!

Describe your daily life/routine.

How do you encounter issues of inequality in your daily life? What is your role?

What can we learn by collaborating with people from different social and economic structures around the world?

How do you express your opinion to the world? How do various (economic, social, geographic) inequalities or differences change those means?

Do you believe that mobility within systems of inequality exists? Could someone change their socioeconomic status if they had the drive to do so?


6 thoughts on “Tell us a bit about you…

  1. I’m a tenth grader. My life mostly consists of school, video games, family stuff, comics, friends, and a few extra things here and there.

    I encounter inequality every time I read a comic, go on a computer, drink clean water, and eat good food. I’m aware that a lot of people in the world don’t have those privileges.

    I’m curious about how things are in other places and how that effects how people feel and think. I feel like this exchange will be very interesting.

    I typically express my opinions of the world through talking to people in my town or using the internet. But since I’m better at telling people my opinion then typing it, I always feel a tiny bit secluded since I can’t get to most of the world without typing.

    I believe that people can always change how the system works if they try hard enough. Even if they have to try extremely hard.

  2. i am a 10th grader at CFS i started going here in 6th grade but left after 8th to go to CRHS for my freshmen year. i returned to CFS for my sophomore year. my routine consists of me waking up at around 6:30 AM and going to school for the majority of the day. school ends at 3:15 and i go home. in the fall i have volleyball and that lasts from 4:00-6:00 PM and in the spring i have soccer. i live in a modernized log cabin in the woods with 2 dogs and lots of chickens.
    i see a lot of inequality in my life, not the extreme cases of it, but even just walking down the street i will see people with nothing just trying to get by or people with everything flaunting it. i occasionally say something or stop to help when im needed but there isn’t a lot i can do.
    i believe that by collaborating with people around the world that we can gain knowledge and understanding of different situations around the world and maybe do something to help.
    im not one to make loud statements about my opinions considering inequality. i express myself to my class mates and friends in conversation but but otherwise i dont talk about it much.
    i think that mobility in the inequality system does exist but it is not simple. a person doesn’t become upper class just by winning the lottery. yes that person would gain lots of money but in order to become upper class they would have to use that money to create a life for themselves resembling that of an upperclass person.

  3. I am a 10th Grader at the Carolina Friends School. I moved to this school in the middle of year in October and it was a very easy move. Everyone was so welcoming. I enjoy spending my time here and I can’t wait for my future years here.
    I encounter issues of inequality by reading world news and staying up to date on global issues everyday. My role is to stay educated on the topic of global inequality, by being educated I can help other people understand the topic they are focusing on better.
    We can learn many things by understanding what peoples lives are like in different countries and what they go through everyday. By staying in contact with these people we can find ways to help and support them through rough patches of social and economic problems.
    I express my opinion by discussing the matters that I have with my classmates in the inequality class and also listening to my other classmates opinions. How people live in other countries and how hard it is for them to survive is a hard thing to grasp. Each family or individual live differently and each story changes my opinion on the inequality issues.
    There is mobility within the systems of inequality but in order to move to a higher class you have to work at it and it would take time, but I think it is possible. Of course, people can change their status if they have the drive but it will take time and effort to change.

  4. I am a tenth grader and interested in these issues of inequality. Especially for the past few years, school has been a big part of my life. Much of my time outside of class is spent on coursework. Outside of academics I have a number of interests, including sports – I play basketball, soccer and tennis; music – I play play piano, accordion and guitar; and the environment – I love to spend time exploring the outdoors. I also really enjoy hanging out with my friends and helping out in ways that will better our community.

    A major part of the philosophy of my school is acceptance of differences in culture, customs and ideas. We try to embrace diversity as much as possible. Sometimes I struggle with the fact that we are a pretty expensive private school, and because of this, many people simply cannot afford to send their children here. Financial aid can only go so far, and I believe that in this way we are not as diverse of a community as would be optimal.

    I hope that having this kind of discussions with people who have different backgrounds and lifestyles on which they form their opinions will enable me to gain some perspective. I think that looking at issues of inequality from many different points of view makes for a more complete understanding.

    I feel lucky to be a part of a community that values feedback and the importance of each individual’s voice. I know that I can approach my peers, teachers and other adults in my life with questions or ideas without feeling pressured or looked down upon. In this way I feel very lucky, but I am curious as to how others in different situations might respond to this question.

    Ideally, I would say that yes, with enough motivation anyone can change their socioeconomic status and improve their basic living conditions. However, I believe that often external factors such as governmental and environmental pressures can present major obstacles for human development, and greatly reduce an individual’s opportunities to better themselves or their way of life.

  5. Hey, everyone. I am your average American 10th grader, for better or for worse. i like to swim, read, and unfortunately i like to play Video Games most of all. I usually experience inequality almost every day when i go to school. Every time i see the homeless people on the side of the road, and some even have severe and incurable disabilities. the fact that some people have such severe bad luck or even lack the ability to gain healthcare from the governmental system just confuses me and makes me hope that one day they may be able to get such care. With this blog, i hope to learn more about the definition of inequality in different countries and places around the world. I know that people view things differently, seeing as people and places are different, but why? I think that the ability to move within unequal social structures is limited, but doable. If you look at medieval times, a duke may hope to become a prince, but it will never happen. It may seem pessimistic, but i personally believe that without the money and the means to do it, change within societies is all but impossible. after seeming so depressing, it may seem like inequality may not interest me, but the real reason I’m interested in this topic is because of the Who, What, Where How, and Why of this subject. Who benefits from the inequality? What is the specific inequality? Where does it happen? How does it happen? and Why does it happen? I hope to find out.

  6. I am a tenth grader at Carolina Friends School, this is my fourth year attending the school. I was born in the UK and moved to the US when I was nine, I went to Durham Academy and switch to CFS after three years. My main interests are horse back riding, and acting though I haven’t had the time to act since the summer. Off the top of my head I cannot think of a personal experience with inequality that has affected me, but I do see and experience inequality almost every day in some form or another. I hope to gain knowledge of inequality around the world through this blog and hopefully my class can figure out ways to help with inequality.

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